Vanuatu Correctional Services









Established in 2006, the Dipatmen Blong Koreksenol Sevis
provides correctional services to the people of Vanuatu.

The Department shares the motto of other Justice Sector agencies in Vanuatu:

"Sefti, digniti, rispek mo gud fasin blong evriwan"
( Safety, dignity, respect and proper treatment for all )

The Department works with chiefs, churches and communities to develop safer and more harmonious communities throughout Vanuatu.

The Department delivers custodial sentence management via Correctional Centres and community based sentence management via the Probation Service. It manages around 230 detainees within four Correctional Centres and more than 400 offenders in communities throughout Vanuatu.

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 Jonny J Marango, Director of Correctional Services

Welkam long website
blong Dipatmen blong Koreksenol Sevis

Welcome to the Vanuatu Department of Corrections website.
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Johnny J Marango