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Luganville Correctional Centre Upgrade - August 2015

The Department of Correctional Services is planning to upgrade the Luganville Correctional Centre, with construction due to start in late 2015. This project will provide important benefits to the Luganville community and to the northern provinces.
For more information download this file.




5th Pacific Islands Regional Conference for Women in Corrections - July 2015

The fifth Annual Pacific Islands Regional Conference for Women in the Corrections (PIRCWC) provided follow up to the fourth PIRCWC, which was held in Papua New Guinea in 2014. The PIRCWC is an important gender equity initiative, which aims to strengthen the role, position and standing of female correctional officers across the Pacific. There are 8 participants from Vanuatu, Mr. Johnny Marango, Director of Vanuatu Correctional Services, Frank Solomon the Manager Centre South, Richard Bani the Acting Manager Centre North, Lolina Martin the Senior Probation Officer, Gina Kalnpel the Senior Finance Officer, Linda Vutilolo the Probation Officer North and Roslyn Vutinamoli the Correctional Officer.




2nd Shefa Community Justice Supervisor - July 2015

The Probation Unit in Vila, under the Correctional Services Department organized and facilicated a two-day training forum on July 14 and 15 at the Shefa Provincial Council Conference Room, which included voluntary (CJS) in the Shefa province. Community Leaders such as chiefs, pastors, police officers and other community leaders from Epi, Emau, Tongoa and Efate (surrounding villages) undertook training to help equip and enhance their knowledge and skill in their roles as supervising offenders in the community where offenders are under probation.




3rd Community Parole Board - June 2015

The 3rd Community Parole Board was held on the 11th and 12th of June 2015 at the Melanesian Hotel Conference Room. The Training Forum is an annual event and consists of appointed Members of the Community Parole Board of Vanuatu, alternate members of the Parole Board, the Secretariat and the Chairman (who is also a Supreme Court Judge). Senior Management Officers from the Probation Services Unit and the Correctional Centres in the Department of Correctional Services also attend, as well as the Technical Advisors from the Department of Correctional Services.




Coaching Skills for Human Resource Officers - May 2015

Human Resource Officers have a challenging role in the Police, Justice and Community Services sector, because a key part of their role is to help staff to perform at their best. They do this by supporting and encouraging both management and staff to pay attention to staff development needs, and by helping to ensure that staff has access to the training that they need. This is not always an easy task because it can be hard to find the right training at the right time.
To help HR Officer with this challenge, the Ministry of Justice and Community Services (MJCS) have taken another step forward in strengthening the capacity of Human Resource Officers and staff who have responsibilities for human resouce management across the sector, by offering a new initiative: Coaching skills for HR Officers. There are two participants from the Depatment of Correctional Services: Mr. Frank Andeng, the Senior Human Officer, and Finance Officer, Mrs. Flora Freddy.




New Capacity development initiative for Finance Officers - May 2015

The Ministry of Justice and Community Services have taken another steps towards strengthening the links between them. In a view, staff from the MFEM participate in training delivered by Stretem Rod blong Jastis Workplace Learning Advisor, Joanne Braithwaite. The training helped to develop the coaching skills of MFEM officers so that they would better be able to support the finance officers who are based in various offices throughout the policing, justice and community service sector. The MFEM officers will now routinely visit the finance officers in their own workplaces to help them with the ongoing challenge of improving their financial capacity. It is expected that this will lead to improved compliance with financials systems, more efficient and accurate reporting, and more effective budget planning. One of the participants from Correctional Services Department was Miss Gina Kalnpel, the Senior Finance Officer.



Donation of T-Shirts and Microphones - May 2015

Chief Sakary and Pastor John Tau from Erakor and Eratap Village donated 30 T-Shirts with Prison Ministry written on the back, 30 chairs and some microphones. This was negatiated by Pastor Tim Toara (a parolee) who looked after the Prison Ministry Programme and also assisted with the prison religious programmes when he was a detainee.




Women in Freshwota Community Local Handicrafts donate vegetables- April 2015

The Women of Freshwota Community Local Handicrafts donated fresh vegetables for detainees in Correctional Centres. Mr. Willy Harrison, the cooking Instructor, recieved them on behalf of the Department as part of food relief after the Cyclone Pam.





Vanuatu Red Cross assists Vila Centers with relief rations - April 2015

The Vanuatu Red Cross Society donated cartons of rations for detainees as part of the distribution of food relief after the Cyclone Pam. Mr. Daniel Tavoa, the Probation Manager, received the goods on behalf of the Department.





Crime Prevention Programme in Aneityum by Probation Services - December 2014

The caption above shows the Probation Services undertaking educational awareness program end of 2014 to the students and Teachers of Teruja Junior Secondary School on Aneityum Island. The Probation Officers in Vanuatu undertake this as part of crime prevention in the communities of Vanuatu and Schools every year targeting Sex and the Law or Seks mo Loa as well as Pornography as sexual offences and pornography has been escalating in Vanuatu.




Staff Achievement Awards - December 2014

For the first time ever, the office of the Director of Department of Correctional Services formally recognized the efforts and achievements of department staff by presenting awards. This included Certificates of Appreciation to all staff, medals to Most Improved Officers and Special Awards to Probation Officer Mr Paul Thomas, Correctional Officer Mr. Robert Iatika, Correctional Officer Mr Richard Alfred, Senior Human Resource Officer Mr Frank Andeng and Director, Mr Johnny Marango. The Employee of the Year 2014 was awarded to Finance Officer, Mrs Flora Freddy.






Two officers from the Department of Correctional Services recieved Certificates from Solomon Islands Institute of Public Administration and Management - December 2014

The Ministry of Justice, Community Services, Policing and Justice Support Program (Vanuatu) organized a Human Ressource Management Fundementals Course which was offered to a least two officers from the every Agency across the Police, Justice and Community Services Sector. Participants attended a total of 12 days of training between October and December 2014 which was delivered by Mrs Modesta Laka of the Solomon Islands Institute of Public Administration and Management, supported by Vanuatu Public Service Commission and VIPAM. The course provided an excellent professional development opportunity, was very interactive and covered many essential aspects of Human Resource Management practice. The Department of Correctional Services was fortunate to be included in the training and the participants were Frank Andeng (Senior Human Resource Officer) and Flora Freddy (Finance Officer). They recieved their certificates at the Graduation which was held at the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu on the 9th of December 2014.


8th National Training Forum for Probation Services - November 2014

The Probation Services, under the Department of Correctional Services, undertook their 8th National Training Forum at the end of 2014 at the Poppys on the Lagoon Resort in Port Vila. The training forum was funded by the New Zealand Aid Project and was aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of all Probation Officers within the country. The training was also a refresher course for senior officers and was facilitated by the Probation Technical Advisor, Mrs. Angela Whibley Smith. The training covered a wide range of topics such as; Offence Mapping, Motivational Interviewing, Risk Assessment Tools and Domestic Violence, as well as a future development in the Correctional Centres where Probation Officers will do counseling and training with detainees. The forum is an annual event that began in 2007.

Six officers from the Department of Correctionals recieved Certificates from Vanuatu Institute of Public Administration & Management - November 2014

The Department of Correctional Services sent six officers to attend two different courses at Vanuatu Institute of Public Administration and Management. These courses were the Coperate Learning Development Series and Building Essential Skills Series. The officers successfully completed all the modules and recieved certificates at a Graduation Ceremony on the 28th of November 2014.




Vanuatu Koreksonal Service Womens Advisory Network third Forum- November 2014

The Correctional Services of Vanuatu hosted the third Vanuatu Female Corrections Forum on the 24th of November 2014 at Coco Beach Resort. All female staff employed within the Correctional Services were invited to attend. The goal of the Forum was to discuss the outcomes from the 4th Pacific Island Regional Conference for Women in Corrections (PIRCWC) held in Papua New Guinea on 11th - 15th August 2014.




Department of Correctional Services Infracstructure Team and New Zealand High Commission Representatives visit to Luganville Correctional Center - October 2014

On October this year, the Department of Correctional Services Infracstructure team and New Zealand High Commission Representatives went to Santo to visit the Luganville Correctional Center, with a view to renovating the buildings with the help of MFAT. The delegation included the Director General, Mr. Mark Bebe, the Director, Mr. Johnny Marango, Mr. Dick Abel (PWD) and Kenneth Pierre (Building Contractor).




Community Work supervised by Probation Service in Lenakel - September 2014

Offenders sentenced to Community Service by the Courts, recently assisted at Lenakel General Hospital. Under the supervision of Probation Officer Mr Sam Kapalu, they re-arranged the pharmacy room, moving medical boxes and stacking them into the new space. They also helped out at Lenakel College, clearing bush and cutting logs.

Community Service is a part of Correctional Services "Niufala Rod" (New Road) programme. A direct alternate to custody, it provides a second chance for offenders, giving them an opportunity to reassess and change behaviors while making reparation for their wrongdoing. They are involved in a wide range of work activities that support the community.

Pacific Islands Regional Conference for Women in Corrections - 11 - 15 August 2014

The Fourth Annual Pacific Islands Regional Conference for Women in the Corrections (PIRCWC) provided vital follow up to the second PIRCWC which was held here in Port Vila at Melanesian Hotel in 2012. The PIRCWC is an important gender equity initiative, which aims to strengthen the role, position and standing of female correctional officers across the Pacific Islands.

The Fourth PIRCWC was held in Port Moresby Gateway Hotel in PNG from 11-15 August 2014. The theme of the conference was "Strengthening Partnership of Correctional Women in the Pacific" which emphasised the important role that women play in the family, workplace and community. The participating countries were Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Palau, Federation States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Cook Islands, Nauru and Papua New Guinea. The Key topics of this conference were Career Development for women, Women and Children in Prison and Detainee Management and Rehabilitation Modules.

The conference was attended by Director of Corrections Mr. Johnny Jimmy Marango, Manager Center South Mr. Frank Timothy Solomon, Senior Probation Officer North Miss. Lolina Martin and Finance Officer Mrs. Flora Remy Freddy.

Sex and the Law awareness programme on Children's Day- 24 July 2014

On Children's Day, Thursday the 24th of July 2014, the Port Vila Probation Officers participated in an awareness programme at the opening of the 34th Independence Celebrations at Freshwater Field. The Child Desk Services at the Ministry of Justice & Community Services organised the event. Probation Officers, Tony Tataki and Paul Thomas, spoke to the public on the subjects of Sex and the Law and Pornography. This campaign was introduced by Probation Services in 2011 to communities and schools to help clarify the law with the aim of reducing the incidence of sexual offending.

Ongoing nationwide awareness and supporting materials are funded by the New Zealand Aid Project at the Department of Correctional Services.

Farewell to the longest standing Technical Advisor to Vanuatu Correctional Services Department, Mr. Chris King - 4 July 2014

The department of Correctional Services will miss its longest serving Techincal Advisor, Mr. Chris King, whose contract with the NZAID program will be ending this month (July 21st 2014). Mr. King was initially introduced into the Department of Correctional Services as an Advisor with the establishment of the Department in 2006. He is the longest serving TA in the department serving the entire 8 years in Vanuatu Correctional Services, during which time he accomplished a wide range of objectives and served under 5 directors.

On Friday 4th July the department organised a Farewell party to say goodbye to TA Chris and thank him for the tremendous and outstanding work performed to the department and the people of Vanuatu for the last 8 years. During the farewell ceremony at the Department, Director General of the Ministry of Justice Mr. Mark Bebe, on behalf of the government of Vanuatu, applauded the immense contribution of a "true friend" who committed himself tirelessly in propelling and helping to shape the department since 2006 until today.

Mr. King shared a wealth of knowledge to all sections/units of the departments including the Correctional Centres. He is truly a remarkable person and his psychology and philosophical skills and approach will be missed by all who worked with him.

The Department's entire team will miss Mr. King but realise that exciting opportunities and challenges lie ahead for him. The Department has benefited from his wit and wisdom and wish him every success in his future undertakings.

Mr. King and his family will be returning to his home country New Zealand on 21st July 2014.

Signing of the joint Cooperation Agreement between Department of Corrections and Port Vila Municipality - 9 May 2014

The department of Correctional Services signed for the first time a Memorandum of Understanding with the Port Vila Municipality to formally approve detainees at the Correctional Centre Low Risk Unit to undertake community work and other services with the Port Vila Municipality which also included offenders on probation undertaking community work hours as imposed by the Courts. The then former Minister of Justice Honourable Christopher Emele, signed on behalf of the Correctional Services and Ministry of Justice while his witness was the Director of Corrections Mr. Johnny Marango. The Lord Mayor of Port Vila, his Lorship Ulrich Sumptoh signed for the Port Vila Municipality witnessed by the Port Vila Town Clerk Mr. Ronald Sandy. During that time, all Port Vila Counsellors were also present as we as the then former Prime Minister Honourable Moana Carcasses Kalosil.

The agreement included both low risk detainees and for offenders on probation undertaking community work as well. Since 2008 the Department of Correctional Services have been working with the Port Vila Municipality in the Cemetary where offenders on probation undertake their hours as imposed by the Courts as part of rehabilitation and a second chance to change instead of an imprisonment sentence. The Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two agencies will strengthen their working relationship now and into the future.

This memorable day was concluded with the cutting of cake and a kava with plenty of food for everyone and the low risk detainee popular singer Mr. Paul Wari entertained the people at the Port Vila Seafront Stage.

New Zealand High Commissioner visits Malekula Correctional Services
Probation Office
- September 2013

The New Zealand High Commissioner, his Excellency Mr. Bill Dobbie, made an official visit to Malekula to open community projects funded by the New Zealand government. While he was there he also visited government offices and departments supported by MFAT, including the Department of Correctional Services Probation Office.

The Commissioner toured the former French and British prisons as well as the Court Office. He was briefed on the work being done by the Corrections Department in Malekula, specifically Probation Services, and was pleased with what he saw.


'Memorandum of Understanding' cements partnership between Corrections and Wan Smolbag Theatre - August 2013

The Director of the Department of Correctional Services, Mr Johnny Marango, and the CEO of Wan Smolbag, Mr Michael Taurakoto, signed a 'Memorandum of Understanding' on the 16th of August 2013. The ceremony took place in the Department's conference room attended by representatives of senior management from both organisations and witnessed by Corrections staff.

Corrections and Wan Smolbag have collaborated since 2008. They've worked together on rehabilitation programmes to help address offending and change behaviours, both within the Centres and with those serving Community Probation sentences. In addition Wan Smolbag have provided life skills training aimed at helping offenders to reintegrate back into society.

In his speech, Mr Marango stressed that the aim of Memorandum is to ensure the safety and well-being of the community by providing rehabilitation programmes for offenders. Mr Taurakoto emphasised the need for Wan Smolbag and Corrections to work closely together and strengthen their relationship, in order to rehabilitate offenders and create a better community overall.

The ceremony was blessed by Pastor Leo Varahu of the Elohim Moriah Kingdom Centre at Bladiniere Estate, and the day concluded with refreshments to celebrate this special occasion.

Jensem Fasin: a program making positive changes - June 2013

This article appeared in the Daily Post on 7 June:
"An inspiring program has been running at the Low Risk Correctional Facilities for the past 10 weeks. It is called Jensem Fasin (changing your lifestyle) and it has been well received by detainees involved in the weekly program.

Damian Farrell from Wan Smolbag said the program was initiated by a request from the Department of Correctional Services to Wan Smolbag to see if they could develop a program to raise the awareness and the rehabilitation prospects of the increasing number of young persons being incarcerated for marijuana offences". read more


"Seks mo Loa" Awareness in schools - June 2013

"Seks mo Loa" Awareness programmes have begun in schools in Luganville, Santo. Kamewa Primary School and the College De Santo mo Saint Therese are two of the first schools to run the awareness which included a powerpoint presentation explaining sexual offending and sentencing, followed by discussions and questions.

Similar programmes will commence in schools in Shefa Province in the near future.


"Seks mo Loa" National Awareness Campaign Update - April 2013

Probation Officer (PO) for Tafea Province, Sam Kapalu, travelled to the islands of Aniwa, Futuna and Erromango, to promote the Department of Corrections' crime prevention initiative, "Seks mo Loa". He was assisted by his Community Justice Supervisor and they were warmly welcomed by Chiefs and the community.

Travelling wasn't always easy with POs braving seas as high as 10 metres and encountering severe air turbulence. In some instances they had to climb rugged mountains and wade through rivers to reach outlying villages. But their effort was well rewarded by the positive feedback that the awareness programme received.  

Torba PO, Kalep Wilkins experienced similar challenges while travelling through the Banks group of islands. He visited Gaua, Mota Lava, Vanua Lava, Mere Lava and Mota. The response of the communities there to the "Seks mo Loa" programme was equally as good. 

Both Kalep Wilkins and Sam Kapalu reported that people now have a much clearer understanding of what constitutes sexual offending and the sentences involved.

PowerPoint presentations were made in areas where power was available, otherwise presentation boards were used and thousands of "Seks mo Loa" booklets and posters were distributed (copies of the booklets and posters can be downloaded here). The Probation Officers visited villages, schools, clinics, nakamals, community halls and police posts.

This is an on-going programme. Sam Kapalu will target Anietyum and Tanna in June and Kalep Wilkins will visit the Torres Islands later in the year. The awareness programme was launched in late April in Malampa and will begin in Shefa in May, followed by Penama and Sanma in June.

Probation Service Awareness programme - 16 March 2013

The Probation Service Team are preparing to take the awareness programme "Seks mo Loa" which informs people and communities about sexual offending, to the islands of Vanuatu. Here is a link to an article in the Daily Post .